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Practical Information

The Venue

The Multilateral Seminar will take place in the  Alkyon Resort Hotel & Spa, located in Vrachati, Corinth.




El. Venizelos International Airport, Athens



How to get to the hotel

Alkyon Resort & Spa can be reached through El. Venizelos International Airport, Athens. The suburban railway line from the airport to Kiato provides convenient access. The closest station to the hotel is Zevgolatio station.  The duration of the trip is about 1h 20 minutes.  A single ticket costs 13 euros but there is also a round trip ticket which costs 20 euros.

For more information on schedules and fares (from ‘Athens International Airport’ to ‘Zevgolateio Korinthias’) visit:

When you arrive at Zevgolatio station you will find taxis we have arranged for you to take you to the hotel.



Follow the link to find information about the weather in Vrachati, Corinth:



Greece uses GMT +2 Timezone

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please, contact us:

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