Welcome to the PDW for Ambassadors 2016

On this website you will find all information concerning the eTwinning PDW for Ambassadors which will take place in Rhodes, Greece from Thursday, 29 September to Saturday, 1 October 2016.

The PDW is addressed to the eTwinning ambassadors so the most suitable person to design the PDW logo is an ambassador. We would like to thank our ambassador in Crete, Maria Sourgiadaki, who created the design and let her tell us what it represents:

"People in a circle, joining hands, stepping on a strange, free-shaped structure, with a “click” button in the center.
The circle represents safety
Joining hands represents collaboration, friendship, tolerance, love
A net, with structure (geometrical figures) but flexible too (free-hand drawing)
Technology in the center.

The eTwinning ambassadors’ network (the external circle of 12 people) is a safe net that unities us. Can you follow the thread on which these people stand on? It forms the word “eTwinning” in a free and flexible but supportive net. The center of the circle has dual meaning. The core of the network is technology and the digital world is again the core element of this workshop. The message could be: “click” on eTwinning and become a safe digital citizen.

In our complex world, we need safe, uniting networks; we need education that promotes the culture of unity, of tolerance, of love, of recognition of diversity as a wealth.

That’s eTwinning!"

The Hellenic eTwinning NSS is looking forward to welcoming you in Greece!

For any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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