Practical Information

The Venue

AVRA Imperial Hotel


  1. Chania Airport
  2. Heraklion Airport 

How to get to the hotel (early arrivers :)

Transfer options from Chania Airport to Avra Hotel (and vice versa)

Option 1: There is a possibility for free transfer service (by travel agency) from Chania Airport to the hotel (only on 18/10/2018, arrival) and from the hotel to Chania airport (only on 20/10/2018, departure).

Option 2: By taxi, costs 60€ (or 15€ per person for a 4 persons group)

Option 3: By bus. Online booking at First take the bus from “Chania Airport” to “Chania” (2,5€) and then take the bus from “Chania” to “Kolimpari” (3,6€). Get off the bus at “Avra” bus stop.  



Chania Weather


Greece uses GMT +2 Timezone

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